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Boondocks Florida Keys

Boondocks has come along way from its tiny tiki hut roots. The kitchen and bathrooms have had a few makeovers over the years. The granite counter tops and salt scrub with auto sensor sinks are much different than where we started. We’ve grown along with our customer base. From the the extra service bars downstairs, expanding the gift shop, to the state of the art sound system supplying optimum quality at a comfortable volume… we’ve added new features every season to meet demand.


As more and more Boondocks fans started coming more and more frequently, we decided to up the anti with a fully enclosed patio. It’s still open air, but now enjoys protection from the rain and wind. In the winter this is especially nice when the wind is howling outside, but everyone can hear the band comfortably. You can sit under the stars and snuggle up to our built in fire pit or simply sip on a hot toddy under the protection of our semi enclosure.


Truly not a bad seat in the house with over 20 55″ 4K TVs. We’ll find any sporting event you’d like to watch. Break out your favorite NFL jersey never miss a game with Red Zone and the full NFL package. On Derby Day there are plenty of colorful Hats and a Mint Julep waiting as they come spinning out of the turn. If you fancy Beach Volleyball, Bowling, or Golf we’ll make sure you see every spike, strike, and stroke.

Boondocks Florida Keys - Live Music

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Boondocks has the finest sound system in the Florida Keys. There’s no other music venue for 100 miles that can perfectly mix the correct sound levels for a live band while all other areas can easily hear the people around them and the featured entertainment in front of them. This is no accident. We have put a lot of effort into ensuring a premier live music experience. And spared no expense either, but we think you’re worth it.

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7 Days A Week | 11am – 10pm

7 Days A Week | 10am – 10pm


27205 Overseas Hwy
Ramrod Key, FL 33042

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