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Whether you’re a Shot Guy, A Martini Girl, or a Beer Man we’ve got the right spot for you. Many locals like the same bar stool and our bartenders have their usual beer waiting for them as soon as they spot a regular in the parking lot. Some people like to switch it up. Some couple dine together on the patio and then split off to other places when they join their respective friends. From custom sound speakers every 12 feet to keep conversations at regular levels… to detailed thatch overhangs that shield the sun at just the right time… we hope you don’t even notice all the time we spent planning your experience. We only hope you enjoy it! Even we must admit the wall of 4K TV’s is pretty cool, though.


Our state of the art POS system integrates all different bar areas in the restaurant into one cohesive unit. As soon as we take your order it arrives in the kitchen and our team gets to work. We’ve learned through trial and error over the years how to present your meal hot and ready as soon as possible. We ensure high quality on every order. We may be a drinking town with a fishing problem, but our premium food standards will make you appreciate taking the time to leave your house and dine in ours.


Just because you’re here for the warm weather doesn’t mean that you can’t stay cool. Our temperature controlled Cold Room ensures that every last detail of your experience rivals a fancy steakhouse. We just have a better view. Salad materials remain cool and crisp until serving time. Don’t be surprised if your salad plate steams a little as your server presents it. In the heat of the summer our chilled plates ensure that cold menu items remain crisp and fresh until they’re on your fork. Bon appetite!

Boondocks Florida Keys Bar


There’s a reason that things come easy to you at Boondocks. Our staff works tirelessly behind the scenes to anticipate what you’ll need before you arrive. You’ll notice our staff is always smiling and for good reason. Working in such lavish facilities is nice on the mainland, but a true luxury down here in paradise. Every team member at Boondocks is an expert in versatility and quality. Our bartenders know what they’re doing. If you’re looking for a pineapple upside down shot, any foreign or domestic beer (including our own house brew which is an Amber bock), or our patented Rum Runner… you’ll be sure that it’s always the same high quality every time. If you need a martini or high point wine your bartenders and servers will ensure they match your drink to what suits your taste best. Any large party, any day, any time will always experience the same efficient, friendly service as a local sitting in the same spot at the bar for the last 10 years… or more.

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7 Days A Week | 10am – 10pm


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