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Trevor Bystrom

December 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Trevor Bystrom

lead vocals, guitar (acoustic, electric, 12-string, Weissenborn slide), ngoni, harmonica.
lead vocals, guitar (acoustic, electric, 12-string, Weissenborn slide), ngoni, harmonica.

Trevor Bystrom, lead singer of the band, plays a wide range of instruments in various styles, including a Weissenborn slide guitar, 12-string guitar, and an instrument he built himself called an ngoni (African harp). Spanning multiple genres, his original compositions continue to explore new world sounds and grooves. Trevor is a singer-songwriter at his core, having begun writing his first year of high school, and enjoys the process of seeing his originals come to life, from the initial acoustic versions of his songs, to the full-blown electric sound of Firewater, to the engineered art of the recording studio.

Trevor was born and raised on Anna Maria Island by a musical family, and as a child, often traveled with his family to music festivals all around Florida. At 16, after having written his first set of originals, he began performing around local venues. At age 18, he started working on his first album, “Fly Away.” During that year, he expanded his solo act, to play a duo set with Morgan Greig on percussion and didgeridoo. The album was released and sold over 150 copies the first night. A few years later, Trevor and Morgan joined up with Kristie Armas on the U-bass to form, The Tribal Trio. With this acoustic act, Trevor released his second album, “Live and Direct,” which sold almost 1,000 copies without a label. After two years with this trio, Trevor’s songwriting visions led him to pursue a full-band.

Kristie Armas

U-bass, vocals (lead and harmony), electric upright bass, flute, ukulele, rhythm guitar
U-bass, vocals (lead and harmony), electric upright bass, flute, ukulele, rhythm guitar

As bass player for the band, Kristie Armas holds down world grooves on her u-bass and electric upright. Another talented multi-instrumentalist, she also rocks the flute, ukulele, rhythm guitar, and both lead & harmony vocals.  She has been a music lover her entire life, exploring as many instruments as she could get her hands on. Since middle school band, she became fluent in a diverse array of wind instruments (including the baritone, alto sax, clarinet, flute, piccolo, and oboe) and developed a working knowledge of piano & jazz guitar.  Her professional career began at age 18, when she was invited to join Trevor Bystrom and his musical duo with Morgan Greig.  With the group’s evolving sound in mind, she quickly picked up the bass, and over the next few years, developed her skills as bassist, as well as contributed vocals and a variety of other tasteful instrumentation. She was especially pleased at the opportunity the project gave her to keep true to her band roots and establish the flute as an integral part of the group’s sound, in originals, such as “Guests on this Earth,” and “Journey.” Her diverse songwriting style and repertoire blended with Trevor’s compositional voice to create their signature sound, which has now blossomed into the new world fusion rock style of Trevor Bystrom and Firewater.

When not exploring new instruments, writing songs, or performing, Kristie also has a devotion to environmental activism & wildlife conservation. She has served as an executive board member in the state non-profit environmental group, The Silver Springs Alliance, and served as an assistant manager for an animal science education program, teaching people of all ages the importance of wildlife & conservation. At last, she has successfully bridged her two passions, music & activism, with fellow like-minded musicians, who are also eager to use music as a platform to serve local communities and help build a better future for this planet.

James Hershey

James is drummer, percussionist and songwriter. He worked for 4 years at B.B King Blues Club in Times Square where he increased his musical knowledge by observing and interviewing legends like B.B King, Johnny Winters, The Wailers, Aretha Franklin, Tower of Power and many more.

James is currently based in Tampa Bay and works as a session drummer. Recent work has included drumming with bands like: Trevor Bystrom, Das Funk Haus, Wildroot, Brandi Adams, Phunkit, and Flintface. An experienced drummer, James has experience playing music with and without a click and is comfortable playing in a variety of styles such as: funk, soul, blues, bossa, africuban, rock, jazz, and many more.



December 19, 2018
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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